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Ooooohhhh Jeeze

2017-07-16 21:31:44 by DovahDan

Too bad there wasn't a quick, legal, and easy way to make 30k$ on a HS education and 7 years in the military...

Happy Chinese New Year!

2015-02-19 23:51:16 by DovahDan

Here's hoping sometime this year Bronies will disappear forever!

Favorite Artists?

2014-11-14 19:04:21 by DovahDan

One of the top favorites is for sure nitrile.


Others are Oney, Stamper, Shad, pebbles, spazkid, etc.


2014-09-23 18:23:21 by DovahDan

I purposely downvote all MLP as 0 because I hate it that much.



12 inches

2014-09-18 02:23:09 by DovahDan

Is not the size of my favorite cheeseburger sandwich

She's back

2014-09-08 02:05:47 by DovahDan

And she is too nice to me, I almost feel bad for farting on her lap at the restaurant.

Got a roommate!

2014-08-14 22:45:54 by DovahDan

He is a total slug. Like seriously, found a slug and made him up a room. He always makes a mess, and is terrible for cleaning up.

Voting Off The Island.

2014-06-29 23:55:39 by DovahDan

The time has come to vote a fandom off the island. The Choices are:

- Bronies
- Bronies


You may cast your votes now.




The Results are IN. Sorry Bronies, but it looks like you have to go...

Truly sad..

2014-06-16 06:28:11 by DovahDan

I've lurked NewGrounds for about 8 years now, and it is truly sad to see all the great original works being out-voted by Brony shit.


I never would have guessed it would be this bad.

I'm not a Drag Queen

2014-06-11 21:32:51 by DovahDan

Totally not.